How to Build an Audience on YouTube

youtube, youtube stars, pewdiepieMany people dream of becoming Internet famous for the fame, recognition, and money. The struggle to reach the top plagues their daily life and usually leads to failure. However, there are numerous YouTube sensations that have created a substantial following. Their road to success can be analyzed to determine the best strategy to gain tons of targeted followers, and general strategies can be combined to ensure the best chance at Internet fame.

Examining the Pros

PewDiePie is estimated to millions of dollars purely from advertising credit from his YouTube channel, and over 30 million people have subscribed to keep up-to-date on his video releases, which is more than any other account, even YouTube itself. What contributes to his substantial success? Many different aspects matter, but most of which are purely assumptions based on general viewer opinion. However, the clear contributions include humorous and engaging videos. You will never be bored watching his videos, and you will likely enjoy some laughs too, even if you do not play videogames. Additionally, he has puts in tons of effort to interact with his fans through comments and videos, and he has termed his followers “bros.”

The VEVO channel for popular music stars are also at the top of the list. While some may question the significance of this, this fact does prove a point. Viewers want something entertaining and new; rehashing the same material that is already covered by thousands of people struggling to build an audience on YouTube will unlikely lead to any significant success. Developing a particular and unique style with useful, entertaining, and engaging content is the best strategy to becoming famous on the web. Finding something that you enjoy, such as playing with pets, and build an idea around it, like creating a channel dedicated to showcasing a variety of different animals. Throwing in some personal flair is a key point that is often overlooked by people trying to change their personality to appease viewers. “Just be yourself” is a phrase that comes to mind when determining the factors that go into building a successful YouTube channel.

There are various other general strategies that can be utilized to help build an audience, such as the following.

  • Interact with followers, commenters, and any other responses on a daily basis.
  • Post humor, music, and any other category that a large number of people would enjoy.
  • Reach out to other YouTube stars; if you have a specific skill or unique personality, you will likely be able to find someone moderately famous to feature you on their channel.
  • Advertise on more than just the one video sharing site. Have a strong presence on social networking sites, particularly Twitter, to draw more viewers.

Using these strategies, it is much gain a substantial audience on YouTube. Watch videos and research current stars, including their history, to help better understand the process to reaching stardom. Following their steps, with a personal touch, will surely lead to success.

Amazon Prime versus Netflix versus Hulu Plus

Amazon Prime versus Netflix versus Hulu PlusWhile Netflix is undoubtedly the biggest name in online streaming of shows and movies, there are other options. There are two names that are also fairly popular in the market; those options are Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus. You have likely heard of Hulu from the numerous commercials on television, but the big commerce store, Amazon, also maintains a similar service too. So the decision to purchase one of these is one faced by many people. This comparison will hopefully solve that debate, especially those deciding to cancel their television plans for cheaper alternatives.

Understanding the Differences

There are multiple topics that should be considered before purchasing one of these services, including monthly price, new releases, and available programs. While the different options may appear quite similar on the surface, they do have certain variations that help determine the best fits, which are discussed below.

Premium Pricing

The Amazon Prime membership is $99 charged annually, which equals $8.25 per month. Netflix is slightly higher at $8.99 monthly, and Hulu Plus is the cheapest at $7.99. Considering the range is just one dollar, the pricing is similar among each provider. Each one offers a free trial period between one week and one month to test the waters. Another critical point is that this cost is roughly one tenth of any cable provider.

Fantastic Features

Out of the three options, Amazon is undoubtedly the most versatile. They sell an intimidating range of products, offer publishing services, allow third party sellers, provide textbook rentals, and sell television show and movie streaming too. Their Prime plan covers much more than just Internet streaming. Some of the additional features include free two day shipping and access to the Kindle Lending Library. The other two are much more focused on streaming options. However, Netflix does offer DVD and Blue-ray rental plans for additional cost between $5 and $20 with free delivery and no late fees.

Ease of Use

Ease of use involves many different factors, including website navigation, signup simplicity, available payment methods, quality of customer service, and more. Considering each site has generated millions of dollars of revenue, they have spent significant amounts on web development. However, Amazon falls short simply by providing numerous other features that clog up the site and easily confuse users. Separating each service across multiple dedicated websites would seem more beneficial.

If you utilize the many functions offered by Amazon, such as ordering products regularly, you probably should opt for their Prime membership plan, considering it will save money in the long term. For those wanting tons of new and diverse selections of shows and movies, Netflix is probably the smarter option, even considering the higher price. Finally, anyone desiring the latest television programs soon after their release, particularly after canceling their cable plan, Hulu Plus is the service to turn towards. Each one has many great benefits that serve some special function; therefore, the most suitable choice should be tailored to the particular situation.

How to Cut Cable But Keep Your Shows

cut cable, cable alternatives, netflix, hulu, amazon primeCable can cut substantially into the biweekly paycheck, so many people consider cutting cable from the daily expensive. But tons of individuals flip on the television after work or during the weekends that they often struggle with the decision to stop paying for cable. However, the choice is actually quite easy, considering anyone can still watch their favorite shows without spending that hard earned cash.

Cable Alternatives

DirecTV and Time Warner can literally reach over one hundred dollars every month depending on the package and the addition of extra channels, like movies and sports. Keep that figure in mind when reviewing these much cheaper alternatives.

Antennas For Local Channels

By adding an antenna and possibly a digital converter for older televisions, you can receive many of the mainstream networks completely free, minus the onetime cost of the antenna. Literally dozens of channels are available, including FOX, ABC, and NBC. You can reliably watch local news, sports, and some of the popular shows depending on location. Some cities have more channels than others, but almost everyone will have some options to choose from. A high quality antenna can improve the signal substantially and still remain under the monthly cost of cable at one purchase of roughly fifty dollars.

Low Cost Monthly Internet Services

Netflix is the most popular resource for watching hundreds of entertaining shows and movies, some of which are exclusive to the service. For under $10 per month, you can watch new and popular movies, like World War Z, Star Trek, and Bad Grandpa, and tons of old and recent television shows. Hulu is an alternative for newer program releases, even those still running on television, and just as cheap as Netflix. Additionally, these services usually have a month long trial period to assess the quality and usefulness.

If you have a smart TV or an HDMI cable, these services can be viewed on the TV. Video game consoles usually have the built-in functionality too. The additional benefit is that you will not see constant commercials, like cable. The less optimal solution, that is also completely free, is watching on the network websites, such as FOX. While some have same day releases, they most likely contain commercials or very limited options.

It is extremely unnecessary to continue paying hundreds and even thousands of dollars over the long term for services that are only used to watch just one or two shows on a daily or weekly basis. Therefore, you should consider cutting cable and using the free and low cost options to save the extra money for a rainy day. Supplement the local channels picked up with an antenna by purchasing the $8.99 monthly Netflix plan, which is literally one tenth the cost of cable. If you only watch a couple shows, it will likely beneficial to choose none of the options and dedicate the time to more productive hobbies, such as exercise, reading, or learning an instrument.

Why YouTube is an Important Business Tool

youtube-as-a-business-toolYouTube is an application that should be planned for in every business.  It is an extremely useful business tool for a variety of applications.  Researching all the traffic that compiles the Internet today, online video represents 50 percent of all mobile traffic and upwards of 70 percent of network traffic.

In short, a staggeringly large amount of videos are being viewed and shared on a daily basis and without question YouTube is the number one video provider of this content.  If you want to reach more potential customers, the most feasible way of doing that is through the use of YouTube and video technology.

Why choose a video and specifically YouTube

People go to the Internet for a number of reasons. One of the biggest reasons is because they want to find information that will help them solve a problem.  Searching for information on the Internet has become household procedure.  If we have an issue, a quick consultation of the World Wide Web points us in the right direction for resolving this issue.

We search topics/problems through search engines and without question; Google is the largest, most widely used search engine available.

Guess which search engine is the second most widely used.  Yes, YouTube is.  People are gravitating to YouTube to not just find answers to their problems.  People go to YouTube to SEE the answers to their problems.

Many consumers no longer wish to read about products but desire to see them.  A better understanding can be achieved through visual aids and demonstrational videos.  A better informed consumer is a consumer more likely to purchase a specific product or engage in a specific service.

What a business video can achieve through YouTube

Business Video YoutubeWhile creation/production of a video can cost money, once produced, the dissemination of that video is entirely free.  You now have a promotional business video located in the digital environment promoting you or your business 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  This is incredible, and often overlooked by owners when deciding whether to upload and produce a video.

Searching videos on YouTube is search engine friendly.  To the average owner this may not mean much.  However, SEO friendly allows people searching your TYPE of business to land on your ACTUAL business video.  This allows a carefully crafted and optimized video to show up highly on related searches further expanding your potential clientele by enormous numbers.  Your business is every ready for the individual that lands on your business video.  You have a virtual sales assistant ready to promote you throughout the globe.

The future looks great for video

Globally, 55 percent of all consumer Internet traffic will be video based by 2016.  Notice this is a global number not a domestic one.  According to Borell Associates, 89 million people watch 1.2 million videos daily.  Nearly 70% of those videos will be viewed through YouTube.

These are staggering numbers that accurately display the power of YouTube and what a business video can do for your potential customer base.

Will Online Streaming Ever Replace Cable TV?

Will Online Streaming Ever Replace Cable TV?Depending on who you talk to, there are many that might answer this question with a resounding “YES!” However, there are also many others who would respond with a much more forceful “No Way! Not going to happen!” The true answer to this question more than likely lands somewhere in the middle of these two camps. Keep reading to find out just what the future may hold for online streaming and cable TV.

Cable Will Never Die

The members of this camp focus on the fact that many areas simply do not have adequate Internet coverage, or the speeds needed to deal with the demands of streaming video.  Cable TV proponents cite the rising costs of Internet connection and WiFi fees as another reason that cable television will live on. If you delve a little deeper, there are other more sound reasons that also support this argument.

MezzoLogic, a leading SEO company in Los Angeles, reported that one of the main reasons that many believe that cable TV is here to stay is the passage of time. While many believe that Internet-based television is a new concept, the truth is that is has been developing steadily for nearly 20 years. While it is true that there have been drastic improvements, especially in terms of buffering and other equally irritating interruptions, many of these problems still exist depending on the Internet provider in a given area. Though it’s hard to believe, many rural areas still rely on super-slow dial up and dodgy satellite Internet providers. This means that these areas have a choice – videos that take as long as the actual piece being watched to download, or cable TV that has proven itself as a reliable method of watching uninterrupted television shows and movies. For people in these areas, the choice is a simple one.

Online Streaming is the Best

Cut Cable TV - Netflix, Amazon Prime, HuluThere are plenty of cord cutters out there that have already embraced the streaming method of watching their favorite shows and movies. These users point out that they can actually watch whatever they want, whenever they want to watch it. While this is true, the other side of the coin does provide an interesting conundrum. A few different companies, with Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu being the top contenders, provide Internet streaming. While each of these companies offers a wide variety of streaming options, each one provides access to different movies, television shows, and even their own in-house shows that have never been shown on cable television.  This means that users who watch several different shows on channels like HBO, Fox, CBS, or AMC will have to figure out which provider hosts those shows, as well as paying a subscription to multiple providers to get the shows they want to watch.

The question of whether Internet streaming will ever replace cable TV is a hotly debated one – especially with the increasing number of broadcast companies that are providing access via apps. The reality is, this question that relies on several different variables, which make a definitive decision nearly impossible at this time.